Month: November 2008

Yes We Can

I was supposed to be reading my textbook for Maternity Nursing last night but I could not tear myself away from the election results.  Last night was one of the few times I wish we still had a TV.  But we do have internet so we watched the votes coming in on the web while we listened to NPR coverage on the radio (which we also get through the internet).  It was exciting, I don’t think I was this excited about an election since Jimmy Carter!  That was the last time I voted for the candidate that actually won.  We were expecting to settle in for a long night waiting until all the state’s results came in, we had our big bowl of popcorn and everything.  McCain completely surprised us all with his concession speech at 7:30.  I was quite impressed with his speech, I think the race may have been closer if he had run it with the same unifying tone that he had in his speech, but I guess he was bound by his party’s wishes.  Obama’s speech was inspiring and honest, I like that about him.  He inspires, but he also seems pretty pragmatic and realistic. I am anxious to watch the next four years unfold.  The rest of the election in California was not so satisfying. Some propositions passed that I was hoping would fail, and that says a lot about the    Oh well, small steady steps will have to do for now. 

I got back to reading about assessing the healthy newborn and retained enough to get an A on this morning’s quiz.  Some days go well.
Did I tell you my youngest turned 12 yesterday too? I am now the mother of a 12 year old daughter who thinks 12 is the new 16!