the daily sock

We had dinner with our pal Kristi and finally got to meet her boyfriend Javi. Here they are, Javi looks a little bewildered about holding sock, but that is half the fun of traveling with a sock project. Kristi served us a fabulous lasagna and an unbelievably good peach crisp. I tried making a peach pie the next night and was terribly disappointed. It must have been the peaches. Javi works at the Berkeley Bowl and so Kristi always gets the BEST produce.

Poor sock has been dragged around to many events this week, dropping the old Mercedes off for repair, many rows knitted since the shop wasn’t open when we got there, Rose at the orthodontist getting her spacers, a few rows here, watching our goddaughter Katy perform in Grease, a few rows there, waiting to pick up Joe at drivers ed, and a few more rows everywhere. Here is Rose this morning when we stopped for a much needed latte (for me) after shopping for her school supplies.

a few more rows while sipping and chatting. This sock is just about done. I love shopping for school supplies and so do the kids. They always look forward to the new school year, it is great to start off with fresh new markers and notebooks, and a brand new supply box. Besides it is the only time of year you can find folders for 10 cents and binder paper 10 for $1. It appeals to the Scot in me.


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