crazy disaster scarf

I have been working on a beaded scarf kit that I bought at Stitches this year. It is called Gilda, from Twisted Sisters Knitting. The yarn is their Rayon/Cotton called Mirage, and you knit beads into the scarf as you go. First you string beads onto the yarn, the directions say to string 7 strands of beads on. I happily knit along following the directions, a fairly simple pattern, moss stitch with a bead every 5 stitches. At the ends each panel is scalloped by sliding 10 beads between the panels, then 9 then 8 etc… Like so:

It was all going just fine until I ran out of beads with about half of the scarf left to knit. AHH!
so I unraveled the ball of yarn remaining and started stringing on more beads. (My friend, Char gave me a floss threader that works much better than the copper wire I was using) I slid the beads along the yarn toward my knitting then, the yarn broke! Beads went everywhere, in my lap, between the couch cushions, on the floor…….. now it all is a big messy disaster. I am about ready to just shove it under the couch and pretend I never started, beaded scarf? what beaded scarf? I’ve always wanted to try beaded knitting. Maybe I’ll forgive it tomorrow.



  1. HAHAHA! That looks like some of my projects! Put it in time out in the stash and let it think about what it’s done for a while–that always works for me. It will come out much more docile and cooperative.


  2. Greetings! Do you have any words of wisdom for that very first row? When they say to ‘hold the two strands together’ how do you do that and do a long-tail cast on? I’m baffled… Thanks!


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