I’m a two college student

So I didn’t get into the physiology class or microbiology at DVC, but I did just hear that I am enrolled in the physiology class at Samuel Merritt College in Oakland that starts next week. YeeeHaaa! Now I know my schedule finally. I’m at DVC Tuesdays and Thursdays and at Samuel Merritt on Wednesdays. Mondays and Fridays are free for studying. Two colleges at once! how about that. At least now I can sing with the kids at St. Catherine’s every morning, I was sad when I thought I wouldn’t be able to do that. I love starting my day singing. St. Catherine’s started this morning, Rose was very excited, and her best buddy started there today. Now she and Hailey will get to see each other every day even though they are in different grades. It feels good to have a routine to fall into. We love the long days of summer and sleeping in, but Rose was getting bored and she really does function better with a set routine that she can count on. Pat is off at school helping with freshman orientation at Alhambra. They start school next week, we picked up their schedules yesterday, and we had to keep reminding Joe that “school is fun! school is great! we love school!” he isn’t anxious to go back, I guess it takes too much time away from his piano practice.

Yesterday I was in the line at the coffee shop at DVC which is inside the bookstore, the line was long and there were many students ahead of me. A young man with his hands full of a drink and some snacks walked up to the young student in front of me and said “you know, I could just walk out with this stuff” the door was right there and they had students checking people coming in and out. The boys just laughed and then this boy walked right out the door! nobody stopped him or even noticed (it was crowded and busy) except me! I was saying to the boy in front of me “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” and “he just did!” The young man in front of me just laughed, I watched the door and that young man stood outside and opened his drink and started enjoying it waiting for his friend in the line. After the one in front of me paid, I nudged him and said to him that he ought to give his friend a hard time for what he just did. I kept thinking that I should have said something to the cashier but I didn’t. I walked past both boys as I walked out but neither of them would meet my gaze, and I didn’t say anything. I already feel like every one’s mother there rather than a student. What would you have done? should I have said something? Why is it so easy for people to just break the law, because they can? I find the whole thing rather discouraging.



  1. I think you handled it pretty well, actually. I might have said something to the one who walked out, such as your comment, “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.” It’s non-confrontational, but it gets the point across, and is applicable to many other areas of life as well. Maybe he’d remember it the next time he started to do something he shouldn’t. Either way, I’ll bet he’s ashamed of himself now.


  2. de-lurking….That’s a tough call. I think you handled it well. And hopefully this was a one time thing for this kid and he’ll feel uncomfortable enough not to do it again. It’s really very sad that you had to witness this sort of thing.


  3. Hey! I found your blog via Yarnhog. I would have confronted the guy. But I’m a confrontational person. Are you going to nursing school? I almost went to Samuel Merritt for the accelerated BSN program. If you are, good luck. I’ve been a nurse for about a year now.


  4. Wow, how do like nursing now? is it great? I am trying to get into the ABSN program at Samuel Merritt. email me privately and tell me about your experience, I would love to hear about it.


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