As I lounge in bed for the last few minutes before I get up to start the turkey, I am reflecting on what I have to be thankful about. I like to do a dorky activity with my family and guests every year that ends up creating something I can put up in the house to remind us to be grateful instead of greedy during the upcoming holiday season. I haven’t come up with the activity for this year yet. It will come, I am good at winging it. This fall has brought some difficult times for our family with the death of my father and the loss of work for my husband. We are facing some tight months ahead as he searches for employment. These losses make us dig deeper for the things we are grateful for. May you all dig and uncover the true blessings in your lives today.
L1020723.JPGjoeL1020713.JPGdad.jpgDSCF4894.JPGrose 5th gradeDSCF4923.JPG
Happy Thanksgiving! I’m off to the kitchen! I love to make turkey!



  1. So sorry to hear of your father’s passing; I know these will be tough holidays. As for Thanksgiving activities, it’s a little late but perhaps you can use this for next year or for Christmas – origami. That’s how we ended up with a Christmas Squid, which decorates our tree every year : )


  2. Let us all be thankful for the memories that our family and friends have given us. My condolences on the loss of your father. Hopefully your husband will be employed soon. Thanks for helping me to be thankful for what I have.


  3. My condolences once again on the loss of your father. The lovely shawl you made for your mother is a lovely reminder of your love and appreciation, no doubt something she will be thankful for through the holidays during her difficult transition. Your shawl and your comments about digging dipper for what we are grateful for also has inspired me to complete my shawl for my sister for the holidays and to look forward to embracing my family and our time together. May your family’s love runneth over for the holidays and the New Year bring good fortune.


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