12 months to RN

Well, the party is over. The break was great, filled with projects, and visits with friends, and reading for fun, and weaving and knitting and even getaway. Now it is back to school!

Today was the first day of class at Samuel Merritt’s Nursing program. Forty eight of us from 22- 50ish eagerly showed up to begin this journey. We have come from many different backgrounds to get here, lots of career changes, from teaching, computers, accounting, various businesses, lab work and even a jewelry designer! We began with learning to take vital signs in our Health Assessment class. We were all pretty awkward with the stethoscopes and sphingnometers (to measure blood pressure), hoping that we get smoother at it practicing on each other before we face a real patient. Tomorrow’s class is Introduction to nursing and health care. We will learn about the history and changing roles of nurses in health care. Already we are sobered by the responsibility we will have for our patient’s care and in awe of the trust they will place in us. I hope we will gain the skills and confidence in the next year to go out into the workplace and really care for people.



  1. Nurses are the best. I’ve endured my share of hospital stays, and I would far rather be treated by a nurse than a doctor. I’m sure, as with most things, that the awkwardness will disappear with practice and you will feel much more confident by this time next year.


  2. I am too scared of needles to ever be a nurse but I respect nurses very much. I have had many many wonderful nurses take care of me and I can honestly say they did more for me the doctor who only made a guest appearance. Good Luck


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