new niece

I haven’t blogged since January, my readers have been telling me.  I thought January was just a couple of days ago but they have pointed out that it is March; and actually almost the end of March. hmm, how did that happen.  I am seeing the light at the end of the nursing school tunnel but there is so, so much work to finish between now and then, I keep hoping it is still January so I have more time to finish.  This weekend I am writing two papers, finishing two other assignments, and planning a teaching topic for Monday.  Thankfully, midterms are over.  The kids think I am a permanent fixture in my chair in the dining room.  However, tonight I took a break and watched Twilight with Rose.  She bought the movie with her own money and was nearly jumping out of her skin to have me watch it with her.  I have decided, I am definitely old, I don’t even think Edward is cute and I don’t follow the dialog very well (maybe because there really isn’t any?) all they do is zip around the screen and look longingly at each other. But… it is the talk of all the 6th graders and I want to peer into their world a little to try to understand them better.   Above is what I did while I was watching; you didn’t really think I could sit in front of a screen and not knit?  I started a sweater for Erin Patricia, my new niece, born on Saint Patrick’s Day.  She is my brothers third child but first daughter so it is exciting to knit a girl thing for her. I hope I can finish it before she grows out of it.  I shouldn’t be knitting, and I shouldn’t be watching movies, I should be writing papers about anxiety and epidemiology.  Tomorrow. I’ll write more tomorrow.  We graduate in two months and then I can knit and watch movies (and blog) whenever and as much as I want to. 


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