Backroads Coffeehouse

Backroads Coffeehouse is Alhambra High School’s release party for their creative arts magazine. I love going to this event, the poetry, music, artwork and films that these kids create are amazing. Joe played with his trio, and Tina sang. They rocked the house, Tina has unstoppable energy and when she and Joe do music together it is fabulous. They have chemistry. The whole audience was on their feet and clapping along.

I am always astounded at the passion I hear from the kid’s writing. I love hearing their voice, what they have to say and am so impressed that they are brave enough to stand up and share it with everyone. I couldn’t do that at 17! I also enjoyed watching Pat meeting up with his old high school friends sharing about their year away at college. These are the ordinary proud moments, watching these emerging adults and realizing the world is going to be okay.

Oh and by the way, today was my last day of nursing school, I graduated last Friday and will be pinned this Friday. But more about that in another post.


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