Healthcare reform, the more I read about it the more complicated it seems. I came across this little video that gives a basic explanation. Simple enough, are the facts he includes true? Medicare uses 2-3%, private insurance uses 20%? Notice that he didn’t include education in the examples of essential government run socialized services. Why not? It has a government option for all, paid for by taxes, and a private option for those who choose to pay for it. Some question about how well it works, clearly many are educated well enough, some manage to get excellent educations and some end up falling through the cracks. It is not perfect, but it functions. Health insurance for all is not going to be perfect either, but hopefully it will function. And function well enough that not too many fall through the cracks and more people get what they need. I am about to become part of the public healthcare system as I begin my new job in the county ER, and I hope to provide care for everyone that walks through that door.


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