Lazy Sunday

I’ve been working the day shift all week and volunteered yesterday giving H1N1 vaccines all day in San Francisco. 7AM is way tooooo early for me, it is a good thing I only have a 10 minute walk to work. Today I tried to sleep in, which is usually no problem for me, but I tossed and turned and finally just got out of bed. Brian had been baking and this is the aroma I awoke to

Cinnamon buns. Mmmmm. So, still in our jammies, we are enjoying some tea with our buns and lounging on the couch.

I’ve been knitting a bit. But mostly mindless projects. This week one of the MDs was asking about my stethescope cover, and said her mother knits and asked if there is a pattern. He he he. It is just a tube, long enough to cover the straight section of the scope. I’ve been making a few more so that I have extras to be able to wash them more often.

I’m making them out of cotton chennile so I can just throw them in the wash with my scrubs.
Well, wishing you all a lovely lazy Sunday.

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful photo of sweet rolls. Well, I spent much of my November 1st with Audrey knitting a toque for her and in an art class learning how to make polymer clay jewelry. Perhaps I need to get a knitting or arts blog agoing, eh?


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