India bag 2

I’m making progress. The front piece is done. The back piece with flap has just a few more inches. And my good buddy and faithful reader, Char is pitching by knitting the gusset. Wonder what I should use to line the bag? Khaki? Maybe some old jeans that already have pockets to fit with the whole recycle theme?

Am getting very excited about the trip. The passports with visa stamps arrived. We are taking our doses of Typhoid vaccine. And I ordered the adapter for my iPhone charger. I’m taking my sock club socks to knit, and a thick book for the plane.

Departure in 9 days. 😀

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  1. When step aerobics first became popular, I made a ton of bags for people to carry those unwieldy monsters. I lined them with a thin nylon fabric, which was great because it was extremely lightweight, sturdy, and didn't add any extra bulk. It was also very inexpensive.

    Have a wonderful trip. One of my coworkers just returned from a month-long trip to India, and said the whole experience was amazing!!!


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