I’m weaving now!

I should always be careful what hints I leave around for Hubby to notice. I read all kinds of fiber related magazines and catalogs. Last spring I must have been browsing a catalog of looms and left it open, so that when the principal at St. Catherine’s casually asked Hubby what a nice thank you gift would be for me (I volunteered at the school leading singing all year at the daily morning assembly) Hubby suggested a gift certificate for a loom! Wooah! I like leading the singing, I didn’t expect anything except maybe a verbal thank you. I’ve always wanted to weave but I figured with knitting, newly spinning and three kids in the house, I would wait until I retired to take up weaving. Hubby had other ideas. So last summer I got to order a loom. I bought a Schact Baby Wolf and all the other stuff I needed to start weaving including a book. Then I started to try to do it on my own, well weaving is not trivial, and I realized right away that I would need to find a class or a group to learn this new skill. I made a sample scarf

on my own

and a lap blanket

for my dad who had just entered the nursing home.

Finally this summer I am able to fit in a weaving class and here is my first project. It is an overshot pattern called Rose Path. I am beginning to understand how to read a chart for the threading, the tie up and the treadling. It took me about 5 hours to warp my loom and get ready for the weaving. It is just magical to watch the pattern develop as I weave. It is a bit like it used to be in the darkroom watching my prints come to life in the developer. I know the technical part that makes it all happen, but it is still magical and exciting to watch it unfold.


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