Monday Spinning

Desperate to find other like minded people, I joined the local spinning guild a few months ago. They are called Treadles to Threads and we meet at someone’s house every Monday to spin and visit. Well, this is a wonderful group of folks, they are welcoming and helpful. This week I volunteered our house for the afternoon of spinning. I cleared room in the family room and kitchen and made tea and lemon cake and waited. Lo and behold they showed up and soon the room was full of fluff and the hum of the wheels. We sat around spinning and sharing stories with each other the entire afternoon. It was lovely, I could hardly contain my excitement about having my house filled with all this creative energy and down to earth, nice folks. It is such a change from the usual pace of my life with kids and school, that it felt like a glimpse of my future when life slows down ( I hope). I can’t make all the meetings of this guild and I’m missing some of the special activities this summer, but I am grateful for my new friends and the time that I do get to spend spinning with them.
When I get a moment I will post about the Black Sheep Gathering in Oregon, more spinning and weaving.


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