I frogged the shawl. It was a little painful, but not once I got pulling and winding the balls. I’m not sure what I am going to knit with the yarn, maybe a vest, maybe a hat, I just don’t know. There isn’t a lot of yardage. Now I don’t have much left on the needles. I have my Bluefaced leiceister sweater, my Tidal wave socks and Hubby’s socks which are at a standstill until I locate more Socks that Rock yarn in the right colorway. I need to start something, something, something………


oh, where you calling me? pile of books? I have been buried in schoolwork. My physiology class has gotten hard, I guess because we have gotten to the part of the material that is totally new for me. And the professor is not so organized, so it is hard to figure out what he is expecting from us. Tomorrow I have to take the Nursing Entrance Exam. It just tests basic reading comprehension and math. I had purchased a study guide and have been doing the practice exams, it includes a lot of basic science (like Big Bang Theory, how the stars form, and parts of a plant and other useful knowledge.) I was beginning to panic, because I didn’t learn some of that stuff way back when (probably because some of it was not discovered yet). I spent an evening skimming Pat’s physics book, and pumping him with questions. But it turns out I don’t have to worry, they are just testing us on the verbal and math sections. I just need to get a good night’s sleep, eat a good breakfast and sharpen some #2 pencils, I should be fine.
Then when I am done with that I need to work on my essays for my application, due November 1.
Maybe I can knit after that…….


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