Moment of weakness

Every week when I drive to Samuel Merritt to my physiology class I go down Telegraph Ave and drive right past a great yarn shop called Article Pract. I know I don’t need any more yarn, and I am supposed to be studying this fall anyway so I don’t stop to look. I can’t stop just to look, I am not a good looker, I always buy something. Today, though, after 3 1/2 hours of the nursing entrance exam, there was a parking place right in front of the shop. My little bug just pulled right in, I couldn’t help it.
Here is the first thing I bought. Sock yarn in a lovely colorway.


After I got it home look what I found inside!


would you look at that, inside the ball of sock yarn is a little bobbin of reinforcing yarn for the heel. How cool is that, and it matches the colorway!
Then I wandered to the sale area and couldn’t pass these up,


and because I don’t have enough patterns (;-), at least not any on nifty convenient little cards, I bought this.


Brian wondered if I “needed” new needles too.
I do actually, I need some size 11 circular to start some felted kitchen mitts to replace some that have been burned beyond use. I didn’t buy any though.

See that capelet? I wonder if I could make that out of the yarn I just unravelled from the shawl. Anyone know how to figure out how much yardage there is in handspun? Isn’t there a way to calculate it based on weight and wpi? Some way that is easier than actually measuring it?


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  1. Oh, yes, I know well the pain of trying to drive past Article Pract. I work for H&R Block, and I do my best to schedule my visits to our district office (across the street from all those yummy yarns) to Mondays when the store is closed. My plan has been foiled this summer by the office’s limited hours, and my credit cards have seen some damage. Continued good luck with your nursing classes. Your course and family load sound daunting.


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